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I chopped off all my hair !

For a long time now I’ve disliked my hair as it has just hung around my face, making me look like a drowned rat.


Ive been putting it off for ages as i felt if i chopped all my hair i would lose all my curls and the light brown coloured hair so i just put it off but as time went on and my hair went naturally black and wavy but still looked too long for my face.


So i did it and took the plunge and decided to go for a lob ( Long Bob ) I’ve never had short hair before so it was going to be a big change, luckily i have a really good hairdresser who has been doing my hair since i had my first fringe and told me what would look good for my face shape.


If you go in for a dramatic change its best to bring in some inspiration so they know what you want but don’t be too upset if it doest look exactly like your picture because of your hair texture or face shape it might be hard for them to make it exact.

I was so scared when she started cutting because when my hair is wet its down to my lower back and she cut around my shoulders , so it was a big chunk cut off for someone who has always had long hair.

it took around an hour and a half as she washed and dried my hair too and the end resalt …


It looked exactly like i wanted and i was sooooo happy because it was such a big change. For me personally i always dislike how my hair is done , usually too straight and big i like my hair done a certain way but i could tell the cut was exactly what i was looking for.

It framed my face much better than before and I’m so happy that i did it and if you are on the fence wether you should do it or not my answer is yes go for it , i put it off way too long.
Now my hair is more curly underneath but unfortunately still just wavy on top but still much better then before plus a big bonus of taking half the time in the shower and drying your hair.


Tell me in the comments if your interested in a hair routine and if you are thinking or have cut your hair short? Thank you for reading Xxxx

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