1 Year GlossyBox Subscription Review

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1 Year GlossyBox Subscription Review

Last year for christmas my Aunt bought me a years subscription to GlossyBox and i was over the moon ! these are my thoughts on GlossyBox and if i would do it again next year.

I think the way you sign into GlossyBox is very well done as it gives you a questionnaire to tailer each Box to you by your preferences , skin tone and skin type.

One thing i must mention is that its a amazing gift as you feel like your getting presents all year round and you get very excited i also LOVE the boxes …



Sometimes you get the usual pink box with the GlossyBox logo on it but others you get a beautiful box that are so pretty I actually collect them and feel like there a gift by there self , and i find that it gives the products inside good protection.

Now lets get down to whats inside the box …

It’s always nicely packaged to make sure nothing brakes and they always have a little leaflet telling you what the product is , how you can get it and how much it costs , also it has a small note from the editor. There are usually 5 products in each box sometimes they throw in more but its usually only 5 , you get around 3 full products and decent size samples high end to low , I’ve found some very good products from GlossyBox and its a amazing way to try new things especially expensive things that you don’t want to buy then find out its rubbish.


It costs £11.75 a month for a 12 month contract but there are others you can try if this is too expensive .

– Pro …

You always get your money’s worth in each box and get to try things that you wouldn’t usually pick up , you also get beautiful boxes and what feels like a present each month

– Cons

Its hard for them to match your skin tone perfectly as they have never met you , it is in my opinion a lot of money to fork out every month.
– Would i buy another year subscription ?

No, I know I’ve been saying amazing things about this and its all true it is a good subscription but for me personally £11.75 per month is out of my budget. It would be a awesome gift for someone who is into makeup and I’ll be upset that i cant look forward to a box each month.

– Overall

Its simple if you can afford it this is a very good subscription and would make a lovely gift for a loved one but for me sadly i wont be getting a January box . Thank you for reading Xxxx

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