I Think I’ve Found The One, Naked Skin Urban Decay Foundation!

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I Think I’ve Found The One ( Naked Skin Urban Decay Foundation )


I’ve been searching for the perfect base for a while now something very light and looks exactly like skin with no cakyness what so ever but has decent coverage this has been a lot more difficult then i first thought !

I’ve tried just about every CC or BB cream in the drugstore and they cant seem to do the job , so i started trying higher end CC and BB creams looking for the perfect one ! using all the recommendations of bloggers and Youtubers.

But they just didn’t cut it until i tried the Naked Skin foundation from Urban Decay.

And its amazing ! i can’t believe its taken me this long to find this product as it is PERFECT for me in every way!
– Coverage

The coverage is light to medium and is very easy to build to a higher if you need it it does NOT cake which is amazing , and it really does look like skin just much better than your natural one.

– Colour

I will always advise you to try out the foundation before you buy it , keep in mind that whoever is putting it on you may have a different preference on how they do there makeup so focus more on the colour and over all product.

There were 18 shades to chose from so not a bad selection, mine is in 1.0 which matches me perfectly its more on the yellow tone but nothing too dramatic that you cant fix.

– Lasting Power

Ive been wearing this every day on and off for about a month and the lasting power is pretty good i usually put it on at 10am and take it off at 12pm and the only cake i get is oddly between my eyebrows , everything else is fine so i think thats very good.
– The Finish

It says it has a semi matt finish but to be honest it just looks like regular skin which i like because if you are into matt or dewy skin its a very versatile product so you can add highlighter or powder as much as you want.

– Consistency

The consistency is very watery, what annoyed me at the start as it kept running down the back of my hand , whatever you do don’t forget to SHAKE the bottle as it needs to mix well and there is a small ball inside to really mixes it.

Overall –

This is the best face product I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot it last well, makes my skin really really soft , the colours perfect for me but it is a high end foundation so its a little pricey at £27 but in my opinion worth it and unfortunately it has no SPF which for me personally is a big draw back.

If you like very NATURAL semi flawless skin this is a must and you HAVE TOO BUY IT ! and i don’t say that often.

I’d also like to apologise for my absence and thank everyone for baring with me as I’ve been sick with the flu and didn’t want to produce rubbish work, but im back now so hopefully things will go back to normal , Thank you for reading Xxx

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