The Body Shop, All in One BB Cream Review

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The Body Shop ,All In One BB Cream Review

I’m SO SO SO fussy when it comes to my CC or BB cream as i expect a lot from them and when I say a lot i mean A LOT as i like a medium coverage with a skin-like finish and I mean it has to look just like skin ! So i go through a lot of BB and CC Creams looking for the perfect one and … I still haven’t found it but i do like this product and I’m definitely going to use it up and this is why…
The coverage of this is light but that’s sometimes all that you need I feel that after about 10 minutes on your face the coverage gets a bit higher and really settles in and looks beautiful like your skin but better .

It says colour adapting and i have an odd answer about if that’s true or not, the one thing I recommend is trying this out in store on your face it may be a pain but i think with this product especially its a good idea , I just put it on my hand and it actually did turn into my skin tone colour and I was very impressed but when i got home and used it on my face it was a lot paler then what I was expecting and didn’t go to my skin tone that well it still looked good but gave my a kind of snow white look but in a good way i think i should have gone for the shade above the one I have 01 but you can definitely work with it also i think after about 15 minutes it darkens slightly.
When I wear this it does feel like I’m putting something good on my face more like a treatment then something to give me coverage , very hydrating and smooth giving you a soft completion that looks lovely.
The lasting power of this is surprisingly good as i find that a lot of BB or CC cream kind of slip off your face because of all the goodness of the ingredients but this lasts about 8-9 hours on my face which is very impressive but i do have to powder and blot through the day.
I’m not going to lie i was drawn to the sheen of the silver metallic packaging it looks very sleek but simple and is looks beautiful !

The price is £12 so very affordable for what you get and its still around drugstore price.

Overall i do really like the All in One BB Cream but its still not the ONE though I’m very picky and i think this does everything a BB Cream is supposed to do and a lot better then some I’ve tried so i would recommend trying it out in-store and seeing what you think yourself. Thanks For Reading Xxxxxx

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