The Body Shop, Define And Lengthen Mascara Review

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The Body Shop,Define And Lengthen Mascara Review

I’ve recently run out of my maybelline mascara and lately I’ve been thinking about the makeup i use on my skin and how i feel on a daily basis i should be using more natural things so i bought a mascara from the body shop for daily use.

Honestly, i didn’t think it was going to be fantastic as I’ve been using Maybelline mascara for years now and have never found anything to top it. But this mascara pleasantly surprise me!

First of all, I have naturally long lashes which I’m very thankful for but i still like a bit of mascara to boost my eye look and this mascara does it perfectly.

The wand on this mascara is nothing special , thin with small hairs to really grab your eyelashes to define and lengthen them.
I’m not going to lie you have to do a couple of coats to get the best effect i do 3-4 and it gives me the perfect eyelashes , not spidery or too thick it really separates each individual eye lash hair thickening it to perfection plus giving your lashes a much darker appearance.

I was actually really amazed on how well this lasted it kept the curl really well and lasted all day plus i was watching harry potter Deathly Hollows Part 2 … so i was crying quite a bit and after i was very impressed that my mascara didn’t run all down my face. Theres nothing i hate more than having to worry about if my mascara is smudged or not keeping the same look that i had when i last looked in the mirror and this mascara definitely lives up to my expectations.
The packaging is very simple and minimal but doesn’t look super cheap, for a more dramatic look id have to say my favourite is still Maybelline mascaras and if you like more spidery lashes this is not the mascara for.
The price tag isn’t ridiculously expensive at £10 but it would be nice if it was a little cheaper but i feel it’s still drugstore price.

Overall i really like this The Body Shop Define And Lengthen Mascara for everyday use and the fact that its a body shop product makes me feel better about putting it so near my eyes everyday and that its not tested on animals. Thanks For Reading Xxxxx

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