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Organising Your Wardrobe!

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Organising Your Wardrobe !

Organising Your Wardrobe
I think every girl in the world would love a walk in wardrobe but unfortunately most women cant afford it or have no space for it so we have to make do with what we have.

A Little bit of information about my wardrobe about 2 years ago i got rid of my wardrobe in my room and turned the airing cupboard that was full of spare duvets ,pillows and lots of other crap that we just didn’t use into my new one.

The only trouble with it was a little bit smaller then my last wardrobe and i had so much clothes so after trying a few thing out i found some good tips for organising.

1, See What You Have !

– When you have some spare time get everything out of your wardrobe and i mean everything shoes,hats ,dresses and even the old sock at the back laying everything out to get a clear visual view of what you actually have not what you think you have. Another good idea is to section off summer and winter ,putting the clothing for the season that has passed away in your attic using vacuum bags.

2, Clear Out !

– Now you see everything ! you can see the things that have been tucked in the back for years that you never missed and never used that you don’t need so just donate it to a charity also things that you don’t wear anymore , check how worn things are or if they fit ? if they don’t bin it ! be cut throat.
3, Plan It Out

– You can now see the room you have in your wardrobe before just chucking everything back in think about what you wear the most or putting your shoes at the bottom of your closet. For example i have a big railing to hang stuff on and a small one at the bottom for crop tops and skirts ( hard to explain ) so it would be illogical to put my dresses at the end of my big railing as it would clash with my small one so instead i put them in the front where I have the most length so they don’t get scrunched up also plan were your going to put things on the floor of your closet like shoes or hats.

Organising Your shoes

4, Use Labels And Separators

– I cant take credit for this as i got this idea from Tess Christine ( YOUTUBER go check her out she’s amazing ) make your separator pretty and nice to look at , i just put coloured polkadots on a circler piece of paper with the name on each side like Dresses , Top … then cutting a slit then a hole in the middle the size of my railing , laminating it so it wold last.

Organising Your Divider

5, Section Of Your Clothes

– Make it easy to find the clothes you need by sectioning it off, like putting all your dresses then putting a Separator that says dresses on one side and jumpers on the other then put all your jumpers up , carry on with that until you have sectioned off your tops, skirts , cardigans, coats and anything else you have.

Organising Your Divider

Organising Your closet

6, Hats,Belts,Scarves

– I find these are the things that mess my wardrobe up the most so this is some things that might help. With the hats I’ve still haven’t perfected how to store all your hats my summer ones are on one of my bed posts but the foldable winter ones are in boxes in my wardrobe. For scarves and belts just put a small hook on the back of the closet door then using a medium size triangle hanger putting your belts in the Centre and the scarves tied at the end of both sides to keep everything in place.

7, Space Saver

– I haven’t had to do this yet but if i find I’m running out of space you can get some can caps and putting your hangers in the holes and you suddenly have two things hanging in one space.

I hope some of these organising your wardrobe tips help please tell me in the comments if you will use or do already use any of these tips , Thanks for reading xxxxx

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