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Kiko And Jack Wills Haul!

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Kiko and Jack Wills Haul

So like all shopping trips i went into Bath to get a new top and a concealer, and came out with a million other things first i popped in to Kiko and by popped i was meaning to go in for just a few minutes and was in there for at least 40 no joke but in my mind it was worth it I’ve heard amazing things about Kiko cosmetics but the only shop i new of in England was in London and I’m not a big fan buying makeup online without swatching it first as its always different shade then what it looks like.

Kiko Haul

The only way to describe how i felt when i went into the new Kiko shop in Bath is like a kid in a candy store , my eyes lit up looking at all the makeup especially after hearing good things about this brand from Blogs and YouTubers like lily pebbles and others i was so excited , honing in on the concealer section straight away loved the natural concealer in 01 it is a light salmon pink colour perfect for under my eyes and when i swatched it on my wrist it hid my veins perfectly and one of my insecurities is the blue veins under my eyes.

So now i should just leave the shop right ? wrong i went in to this shop looking for a SPOT concealer so as i went to the cashier I was just scanning and … THERE!!! an exact replica of the MAC studio finish we’ll probably not the exact replica but it does look like it but thats good enough for me ,the Kiko full coverage concealer in 01 was perfect for me

And so was the soft light powder in … guess what 01 I’ve been looking for a more natural looking powder that wont make me cake up and look fake.

Kiko Haul
Natural Concealer in 01 Clear £5.50
Full Coverage Concealer in 01 Light £7.50
Soft Light Powder in 01 ivory £11.90

Went in for a concealer came out = £24.90 poorer Oops !!!

Then we went into Jack Wills for a good quality top … the sale sign got me first above 10 different type of tops…

 Jack Wills Haul

The first one that caught my attention was Neon Blue T-Shirt the colour was perfect not too bright or dull plain but with the Jack Wills logo a pheasant with a top hat and walking stick which definitely represents England (if you’ve ever been on a English road you would see these things everywhere )It was originally £19.50 but was down too £14.
The next Top i saw was the Coral T-Shirt which is more a bright orange but lucky not too strong a colour with the logo pheasant originally £19.50 now £14.

The last top is different with beautiful white writing with roses and ivy wrapped around the letters and the overall colour is Berry but id say more of a light berry colour, a little tip from experience actually read the writing on the top don’t just think it looks pretty like i do I’ve made this mistake a hundred times but luckily this top just has some random words much less embarrassing then having rude slogans that you didn’t realise you were wearing originally £24.50 down to £14 .

 Jack Wills Haul

Last but not least i found this beautiful neck length jumper in Berry originally £49.50 now £29

Kiko And Jack Wills Haul
All these tops / jumper are amazing quality and feel so soft but unfortunately they’re very expensive and i could never afford to get these things full price i spent £71 but without the sale it would have been £113 WOW that’s a LOT of money, so in the end i went into Bath for concealer for maybe £5 ended up spending £95.90 Oops !!!
Im thinking about reviewing the Kiko products if you would enjoy that leave a comment also leave a comment if you love Jack Wills and i hope you enjoyed my kiko and jack wills haul. Thank you for reading Xxx

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