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Good Girls Are Bad Girls Who Don’t Get Caught!

I love this saying but when you get down to it when you see leather jackets , slogan tops and dark lips you think bad girl and they may not be but that is the vibe of there fashion and i think thats awesome.

But you can also get the polar opposite the Good girl vibe with florals , pink, dresses and extra girly they give of I’m a good girl and agin they may not be but that is what there fashion says to the world.

What i love doing is mixing it up am i a good girl ? bad ? can you guess picking different bits out of both styles is an amazing way to tell people LOOK I’m a person i can be good and bad nobody’s perfect of cores i like the looks and wear them sometimes but combining them i thin looks the best and makes it hard for people to label you.

Tell me what’s you’re favourite  style out of the three? and i hope you enjoyed my Good Girls Are Bad Girls Who Don’t Get Caught post. Thank you for reading Xxxxx

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