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Tangle Teaser Review !!!

For the longest time i had the run of the mill hair brush and was fine with it my hair has always been knotty and hard to comb but you know a hair brush is a hair brush so what could i do?
Then everyone went wild for the tangle teaser saying it was the best thing ever and you should go get it immediately and i thought … its a hair brush whats so special about it , then i ignored the glowing reviews for years until i got one for my birthday.
At that point in time my hair was the most knotty its ever been and i dreaded going into wash my hair , so i was very excited after seeing the glowing reviews on Blogs and Youtube , so I’m in the shower brushing my hair and its just gliding through my hair and i feel no tugging , i get out of the shower run my fingers through my hair …
And it was knotty and i mean really knotty it had done nothing , i was so upset that I’d wasted money on something so rubbish.

I didn’t use it for months until i couldn’t find my regular hair brush and had to comb my hair out of the shower and it was like my knots melted away , outside the shower it was an amazing product that worked WONDERS on my hair and making it easy to brush and suddenly i knew what people were raving about !

I’ve now had the tangle teaser for about 2-3 years ( not quite sure ) and its still going strong it may not look pretty anymore but it does the job well.

I know i was really REALLY !!! late to this product and most of you probably had it for years now but if your still on the fence about getting it, i would say … Get it as soon as possible its a hair changing product!!!! please comment if you have used the tangle teaser and tell me what you thought about it ? Thank you for Reading Xxxx

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