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Replacing coffee with Tea?

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I love coffee, well a latte or cappuccino now and again. There is no harm in indulging yourself once, or twice a week but for daily use it’s not the best for you, so i was wondering if Replacing coffee with Tea would be better.

I was always a big coffee drinker in the morning. I even had a Tasimo in my bedroom so I could have coffee whenever I want, but I found that it made me feel sick. And although it woke me up for a while, I would rapidly crash and have zero energy. So after much consideration, and crying over my costa pods. I decided to change to tea .

Most of you out there may not feel sick, or get a massive crash in energy. But that doesn’t mean that you are immune to the bad effects coffee can give you. Here are a few adverse effects that coffee can have on you!

1. The caffeine in coffee increases your stress hormones!
I know I said that I like coffee to wake me up for a Busy day. But one thing people don’t need mixed with their jobs is added stress, and apparently that’s what coffee can give you.

2. You can become addicted to coffee and that makes it difficult to rely on the body’s natural energy!
if you’re a big coffee drinker, and you suddenly can’t have coffee for a couple of days people can mistake you for a drug addict. And I’ve personally been obsessed finding a good coffee shop if I wasn’t around my Tasimo.

3. Raises your heart rate!
I really don’t want anything messing with my heart, and just one cup of coffee can raise it to 100 beats per minute! Normally your resting heart rate is around 60-80 so for people who have more than one cup (which used to include me) it’s something to definitely think about.

4. Could cause crumbling bones!
too much coffee could raise the risk of your bones weakening, and crumbling, or osteoporosis, as it can speed up bone loss.

These are just a few effects that I found out about, and there’s a lot more. But I must stress that its fine in moderation, and you don’t have to give it up completely. But instead of having 3 coffees a day why not exchange 2 for tea.


1. Tea hydrates your body.

2. Tea has been shown in studies to help reduce the chances of developing certain kinds of cancers and tumours.

3. Tea will keep your energy going for longer.

4. There are a ton of antioxidants in tea.

5. Tea can help reduce stress unlike coffee

There are loads more, just research the benefits of tea! I feel a lot better after making the switch, instead of 3 cups of coffee, I have 3 cups of tea. Try it and see! but don’t go cold Turkey, try it slowly.

I hop you enjoyed my Replacing coffee with Tea blog post. Thank you for reading xxx

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