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Why Do We Have Pretty Days And Ugly Days?

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Why Do We Have Pretty Days And Ugly Days? Why can we look in the morning and be happy with how we look then in the afternoon think we look ugly id understand if you had a massive spot come up or something like that but half the time there is no change but we suddenly hate are face or body.

Ive heard lots of my friends and my self included ponder about this question at first i think it may be low self-esteem but then you wouldn’t feel pretty sometimes would you you would always feel ugly.

I cant even count on my fingers how many times I’ve done this looking in the mirror and thinking i look good then the next UGLY also the fact that a usually feel bad about both options when i think i look good , i feel vain and self absorbed and angry at my self because beauty shouldn’t mater as much as who you are and how you treat others around you.

And when you think I’m ugly i feel shy unconfident and that I’m pulling my self down its bad enough when you get criticism on how you look by other people but when u tell YOUR SELF you look horrible you truly start to believe it.

I think if everyone was honest a lot of people have looked in that mirror and done the Pretty ? Ugly ? jude of themselves and its nice to know your not self absorbed or taring your self down its just something that happens sometimes.
Unfortunately i don’t have the answer to the question but i wanted to make this post to tell people there not alone and to not feel so bad when they do this , it seems a lot of people do and if i hadn’t of asked my close friends i would have no idea that ALL of them had the same problem Comment if you have also done this so we all not not to be so upset.

Also I’m curious as I’ve only spoken to women about this issue i was wondering if there were any men who feel the same way when they look in the mirror if so please comment.

I hope you enjoyed my Why Do We Have Pretty Days And Ugly Days blog post. thanks for reading xx

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