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Wilted Flower (when your Feeling down)

Sometimes for no reason you just feel down and you need to pull yourself together because we have things to do people to see and you sometimes cant take a day off to chill or go to your happy place these are some little things that can make you calmer, happier and more relaxed in what ever space you need.

First set a timer but DONT put it right next to you because you will check it obsessively for the entire time you try to relax and thats defeating the object of this whole thing so make sure you keep it close enough to hear but far enough away so you cant keep checking every 5 seconds also its best to put it on plain mode if you had an IPhone/ iPod.

Use a adult colouring book or a child’s if you prefer i have one and it really does calm you down and you forget everything around you and just focus on the colouring you can find beautiful ones at the shop Waterstones .

A bubble bath with scented bath bombs can relax your body and mind and if your in a rush just tie up your hair in a bun so you can pat yourself dry and be in your way.

Candles are also very good , pulling the curtains until is pitch black then lighting up few candles instantly makes you more peaceful and you can lose yourself looking into the flames.

Reading is also good , like going into a different world for a time but i would recommend a happy book as i once read a sad one and was about ten times more sad afterwards.

I know not everyone can just go out for a walk but i bet theres a window near by were you could just look at the fields or a spot of people watching.
Tell me in the comments what you do when you feel worn down and sad? Thanks for reading xxx

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