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Emmy Rossum

I love Emmy Rossum she is a actress , singer and all around beauty I’m one of those people who gets obsessed about the celebrity i love at that moment and research there skincare, makeup, fashion and fitness favourites so i thought why not get all this information in one place here i’m sure im not the only one who loves to do this.

Ive taken his information from various articles online so i cant take credit for the info just putting it in one place.


Emmy Rossum is one of those celebrities that seems at ease with her makeup routine and doesn’t mind going bare faced which i think is very brave for a celebrity and says shes not a foundation girl and likes CC creams that have SPF built in so that it stops her pail complexion burning , her favourite CC Cream is the one made by Origins which she swears by “It provides enough coverage and if I’m in my car and I noticed the paparazzi are following me or I see them outside a place I’m in, I don’t wear makeup every day, so I’ll just slap some on my face and put on a tinted lip balm and go, and that’s my go-to.” she told a magazine in my opinion thats very brave if i was faced with the paparazzi i would put the highest foundation and concealer i could find and slap it on my face before i went out and i think its nice that she’s comfortable in her own skin.

She loves multitask products and obviously as the queen of lazy so do i and when she’s on a date she likes to keep her makeup natural especially on the first date “guys usually like a very natural look I think it’s bad idea to wear a strong lip on a first date for the few first dates I’m always too nervous he will kiss it off if I’m lucky enough to get a kiss I also think soft sexy hair is important” i think this is very sensible as you don’t want to be into a guy and snog him just to have a clown mouth afterwords not a good look.

Emmy has listed her favourite makeup products and brands which we all know is very hard to do.
Lipstick: MAC Lady danger

Hair products: Origins Clear Head Mint Shampoo she says “It’s great if I have build-up on my hair from product and it smells so good”

Favourite mascara brand: Maybelline

She has also divulged what is in her makeup bag something lots of celebrates keep hidden Origins Smarty Plants CC Skin Complexion Corrector,
Restorsea eye cream, Vanille Sauvage de Madagascar perfume by La Maison de la Vanille,
Anastasia Brow Power Duo,
and ponytail holders.

She also says she uses this weird clay called Aztec Secret. It’s a powder you add apple cider vinegar to and it makes a nice drying mask this is something I’ve Heard great things about and hope to try soon to report to you with a review. This is the main information i could gather about her makeup.

Emmy seems to have her skin priorities straight and isn’t so keen on botox and believes in preventing ageing before it happens: “My thing is preventative and not so much about reversing the signs of aging. I’m all about spending on a day cream and an eye cream now, so that I don’t have to do needles and cut my face open later. If you make sure your collagen is in check in your 20s and 30s, then you’ll never have to worry about sticking lots of needles in your forehead.” as a girl of 18 i completely agree that prevention is better then trying to reverse the damage.

A Magazine article asked her what her exact skincare routine is she reapplied “It’s kind of evolved! In my late twenties, acne isn’t as much of a concern anymore and I want to start hydrating. It’s more about preventing aging and keeping my skin really moisturised and glow-y, especially because so many TVs are HD now. With the Internet, people can blow up your face to the size of their screen and see all of your pores. I had to throw all of my magnifying mirrors out of my house. Actually, my makeup artist from Shameless took them from me because I would just get in there and destroy my face. I’ve learned to not pick, and just let products do what they do. I cleanse with the Restorsea cleanser, which I really like because it gets rid of dead skin cells without exfoliating the healthy ones. And then I love its day cream. Sometimes if I’m extra dry, I’ll add in a drop of oil from Beautycounter. And if I use my day cream, I always make sure to apply it all the way down to my neck in the event that my face gets dry—your face will always pull moisture up from your neck. ”

To keep her skin clear after a photo shoot she uses the Clarisonic together with whatever cleanser shes using it gets all the dirt and makeup off her face.

In the New York the wether is unpredictable so she uses eye cream as a super weapon for her under eyes , lips and elbows and in the summer a Evian water spray is a must have.

One thing we all go through is embracing are skin tone and Emmy Rossum is no exception she used bronzer to try to tan her pail complexion but eventually understood that the skin tone your born with is the best for you.


Emmy has stated that she is not too hard on herself when it comes to wight she could lose or gain 5 pounds and not be to bothered her main workout routine moves are cardio-workouts and weight lifting. Lunges, walking, leg raises ,In addition to them she also practices 15 ballet plies in a set of four, and lifts weights weighing 15 pounds. these are her all-time favourite workouts she also does a lot of dance lessons and prefers doing exercises in a group and listening to music.

Her eating has been helped by her mother who was strict on junk food she has a gluten free diet as she is allergic, which consists of steamed spinach with garlic, brown rice, and lemon roasted organic chicken. Eggs being one of her favourite food items can be part of any of her meals. She doesn’t restrain their consumption to her breakfast only. String Cheese, Gala apple splices with peanut butter on them, and grapes are the parts of her healthy snacks. She doesn’t believe in depriving herself as it will only intensify the craving and likes to live buy the 80% good rule and thinks cooking is tress realising.

I really enjoyed doing this so i was thinking about making this into a series tell me in the comments if you would like that ? Thanks for reading xx

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