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Change your room,Change your mind

For a long time i was in my room in a bad state of mind this continued for a few years until i felt better but my room still had that bad sense and it kept me tied to that sense of mind so i decided to redecorate my room.

1. Budget –

Every one has a different budget but even the smallest changes can help i personally didn’t have a great one but i had enough to make a difference , really think about this step money doesn’t come out of thin air and you don’t want to blow your budget on one thing because that will hardly make a difference you need to be able to transform your room.
2.The Little Things-

If you don’t have a big budget you can start with smaller things and save for the bigger like changing your pictures on the wall , the place were your bed is, change your curtains, bring in fresh flowers to make it more homely in your room its surprising how the little things actually help use feel like were in a new chapter of are lives.

3. Plan-

You know when i said move your bed it easer said then done if you have an odd shape room like me , moving things around can be tricky and in mine i couldn’t move anything unless i got rid of my wardrobe so plan what you can do with each space so you don’t end up buying something that wont fit and waist your money.

4. Pick A Colour Scheme-

I see something i like , i buy it but usually without thinking clearly and then put all the stuff i bought up in my room and … they all don’t match ,ones orange another’s pink and green and just colours that don’t match so when you buy something have a colour scheme in mind.

5. Changing The Big Things-

If you do have the budget you can start changing the bigger things , one of the main things to change is your bed one of the best investments i made is in buying a bed that i could turn into a sofa it completely changed my room, you can change whatever you fancy but please remember your budget.

6. Splash of Paint-

This is something i didn’t do but now plan to at some point it really makes that finishing touch but unfortunately its the most inconvenient because you have to get everything out then paint and then put it all back again but i regret that i didn’t do this. it also gives you a fresh canvas to work with.

I hope these little things help you because they did with me thank you for reading you may also like my post  Happy Place please follow me by entering your email and subscribing it take seconds and will make my day xxx

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