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Super Natural Makeup Look

Do you ever have one of those days when you have really good skin or just cant be bothered to put on makeup but you need to look more polished and put together this is a perfect look.

The main thing about this look isn’t actually the makeup its the skincare you need to make your skin glow and be more radiant so just use your most hydrating moisturiser and it will make the look more natural.

For your face just pin point your imperfections with a good concealer then dab it in with your finger so it blends in in more subtly this may take a wile but its worth the time and use a setting powder in your T zone or wherever you have shine but don’t go over the top you want your natural glow to still be there.

Keep your lips clear with just a very moisturising lip balm my favourite is the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream.

The eyes are up to you but i either curl my eyelashes and put on moisturising mascara or a thin layer of black mascara most of the time i leave it at that but sometime i put a thin black line on my upper lash line to add a little more definition.

I’d say leave the brows alone for this look unless you really must fill them in.

AND WALLA a pretty and natural makeup that letters your beauty shine through instead of masking it, thank you for reading xxx

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