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Fitness Box

It’s all well and good using fitness videos on YouTube but you can never quite get your level ,there ether too hard or too easy so i found a good way to make your own routine

What you will need:
A pretty box
A pair of scissors
Some paper
A pen

I know very hard stuff to get and very expensive 😉

I cant take credit for the moves because im not a Fitness exspert so i just went to the amazing YouTube and typt in anything you want abb workout arm,leg, bum anything try out a few moves and see how you get on. When i say exercises you can do, i dont mean there ridiculously easy so you don’t brake a sweat but something you can do that doesn’t kill you ,know your body and its limits and you can slowly progress instead of doing something super hard so you cant walk the next day.

When you find the the exercise you want to draw a stick figure or if your good at art put some more work into it i certainly cant and the name of the exercise if you don’t know it just make it up. Do this to every movement you want then cut them out and fold them in half and put it in your box shake it up and there you go you very own fitness routine for your body simple as that you can also put in happy or encouraging quotes and smoothie recipes and any other things you want to put in.

Do you like my Art work ? 😂😏😝
I hope this helps you and you can slowly put in harder moves if you find it too easy thank you for reading xx

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