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GARNIER Micellar Water Review

Being a lazy girl is really bad for my skin because I can never keep a good skincare routine going for long periods of time so when I heard about a cleansing water that you don’t have to wash off I was so excited but the price was not so exciting.

I’ve heard amazing things about Bioderma but £20 for a small bottle was not a good thing so I didn’t get it and plodded along with my non-existent routine. THEN hundreds of micellar water products came out in drugstore shops, I decided to get the … You guessed it GARNIER micellar water how did you figure it out? after about 4 months of using this, these are my thoughts on the product.

First the price is so good only £3.30 this is sooooo much cheaper than Bioderma so you’re not breaking the bank for a small bottle that isn’t an anti ageing potion (I’d pay £100 for that would you?) and it a price you don’t mind if you just want to try it out they also have a mini version you could try , I’m not sure if this is the cheapest product out there so have a look around if this is still out of your budget or would rather pay even less.

I use this morning and night to cleanse my face and I just keep it by my bedside table and it’s so easy even if you’re in bed and think OOPS I haven’t taken off my makeup and we’ve all done this and to my shame if it wasn’t right next to my I wouldn’t do it , just quickly wipe it around your face and it takes off all your makeup very well not as good as it would be using a cleanser that you would wash off but still good it’s so easy.
I have Sensitive skin so naturally I bought the sensitive skin one there are a few different ones for other skin types, It doesn’t irritate my skin but i does my eyes which is really annoying when taking off eye makeup it is not terrible so I don’t get red or anything too serious but it very inconvenient considering I wear more eye makeup then face but my eyes are SUPER sensitive so it would properly be ok for you so don’t let me scare you off it .

It says 200 uses but to be honest I don’t think it’s that much I have to get 3 good drops on a cotton pad to take your makeup off well, I do this morning, night and sometimes during the day if I feel I no longer need makeup so I use a lot so I don’t think it will get me to 200 uses but it’s a drugstore product so it’s easy to get hold of and just buy another one.

Overall I think this is a perfect product for a lazy girl or boy who cant keep a stable skincare routine it is definitely not as good as a deep cleanse but it’s better then no cleanse in my opinion if you wish to try this product there is a miniature size one so you don’t waste money and if you don’t like this formula there are many other micellar water in the drugstore to try tell me in the comment your favourite micellar water .
Just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has followed this blog it has now hit 200 which I never thought would happen I wasn’t even expecting 10 people to read anything let alone follow me so I wanted to let you know that I appreciate it also I was on holiday for a week so that’s why I was absent from my social media for so long and was unable to put up a blog post on Monday.

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