Inside My Carry On Bag!

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Inside My Carry On Bag !!!

First thing is the bag, i find the ones i pick are either too small or too big never a good size for a carry on bag if you travel frequently I’d recommend finding a beg specifically for travel but if you just go on holiday now and again just rifle through your closet to find the perfect bag things to remember is that you hold your valuables in the bag so you need to keep an eye on it having a zip bag off the shoulder makes it easier.

The first thing that i put in is a travel folder that holds my passport,currency,lose change,cards, and important information so its all in one place so i wont miss place anything.

iPhone and iPod to keep me amused during the flight and to keep in contact with friends and family

A book or kindle to read on the plain and any other things that will keep you entertained.

A small beauty bag which is clear and liquids are under a 100 agin this all depends on were your going or what your doing you may want to bring some makeup but i would recommend definitely bringing skincare, moisturiser ,wipes and lip balm are my main picks you can bring more but i don’t think you need it unless your going on a long flight then bring more

Sunglasses so they won’t get crushed in my suitcase and can wear them outside the plane when you look like rubbish as we all do after a flight

Purse to keep my money inside

I know this seems not a lot but you don’t need that much and I’ve been on billions of flights ware I’ve brought so much i can hardly carry it and never use half of it tell me in the comments what are your essentials for your carry on bag.

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