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Suitcase packing tips !

Im one of those people that pack everything but the kitchen sink and that doesn’t usually turn out to well so my most important thing is to be as minimal as possible, so here are my Suitcase Packing Tips.

1. lay everything out before you put it in your suitcase so you can see what you really need , when i don’t do this i pack 5 of the same type of dress and thats just wasting space . When you have laid everything out you can see that you usually have a lot more then you need.

2. Pair clothes up , sometimes you put lodes of clothes that don’t match anything in your suitcase and you don’t end up waring it .

3. Get everything important out the way first so you wont stress over it later things like passport,toothbrush, underwear, tablets , and anything you will need in the essential day to day.

4. Role up your clothes instead of folding them it saves more space

5. Don’t take a million pares of shoes just 2 one for going out and another for walking around.

6. Don’t take a million bikinis 2 or 3 is fine you can wash them when your there.

7. Minimise your makeup and skincare i used to bring everything to do with makeup and skin care but you really don’t have to just take as minimal as possible just go through in your head what you wear on a daily basis then put that and maybe 2 extra lipsticks or eyeshadow

i hope this Suitcase Packing Tips blog post was helpfull, tell me in the comments your packing tips ? xx

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