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The Importance Of Sunscreen!

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The Importance Of Sunscreen!

The first memory i have of sunscreen is my mum lathering it all over me when i was more interested in going in the sea , i think most peoples first experience is your parents holding you down and forcing you to have a sticky smelly stuff on your body maybe thats why putting on suncream isn’t a happy memory but trust me its important.


1st i don’t fancy skin cancer and sunscreen has been proven to decrease the risk of having it there is always a chance you may get it but if i can do something to help me NOT i will.

2nd It helps prevent skin discolouration and i have lots of moles( brown spots) and sunscreen prevents them and stops them getting darker i like my moles but i rather not have them taking over my body

3rd Its slows down wrinkles and premature ageing. WHO wants to age prematurely i don’t and I’m guessing you don’t either imagine looking 80 at 40 😧😫 its problebly not that extreme but its a scary thought 😳🙈

These are a few facts that might change your mind if your not too bothered about wearing sunscreen but i do have more personal views about sunscreen these are not confirmed so keep that in mind.

I live in England so wearing factor 50 sunscreen doesn’t seem necessary to me on a daily basis if you live in a really hot country you may want to but for me i like to wear 15 that is inside my CC Cream and i feel thats enough but if I’m going somewhere hot i will wear 30 on my face.
On my body i usually just use factor 15 or 20 so not that high but i feel that enough for my body i feel like you know how easily you burn so if you find that you burn instantly id say get a higher sunscreen but if you have a better tolerance of the sun you can go lower but i don’t recommend going lower then 15.
On my face i feel i burn more easily so i go fore 20-30 SPF no lower but agin its your face you judge how easily you burn but agin i wouldn’t go lower then 15.
I have a confession i didn’t like putting on face sunscreen because it brakes me out in spots i think that a reason for a lot of people not wanting to use it but my advice would be before you go on holiday or whatever you’re doing try some sunscreens out iv had some bad experiences but finally i found one i liked the Nivea sun protect and bronze 30 SPF it water resident and helps support natural tanning and it didn’t break me out so i thought it would be good i will do a review on it once iv used it more frequently.
For my body i use P20 once a day sun protection SPF 15 its water resistant and lasts up to 10 hours i have been using this for a wile and i like it a lot its quite expensive but worth it for how good it is but you do have to lather it on , because its so expensive you may want to skimp on how much you put on but DONT it will miss certain areas and you will get burnt.

I hope you find this The Importance Of Sunscreen blog post helpfull  and please comment if you have any other facts or experiences id love to know Xxx

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