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1 Week To Holiday Beauty Prep!

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1 Week to Holiday Beauty Prep

That one week to go creeps up so fast and you realise you’ve got nothing ready and you only have a little time to get things sorted one of the best things to help you is to Make a list this will help you remember everything you need to do then tick it off so you don’t forget.
1. Shaving

Now this is completely up to you but if I’m going to be seen in a bikini i want all my unwanted hair gone . There are lots of different ways to get rid of hair waxing or shaving and many others the most painless and what i use is a shaver and gel and get rid of all unwanted hair .I’d recommend doing this the day before you leave for your holiday and keep shaving throughout.

2. Moisturise

If your putting your body on display you want it at its best so gently exfoliate DONT rub your skin raw then use moisturiser everyday to make your skin smooth and glowing my favourite moisturiser … its quick and dries fast

3. Tone up and Eat healthy

Being happy with your body and that you radiate confidence is the main thing you need to do but wanting to tone up a bit is no harm at the moment I’m using the ancient Nintendo Wii mainly using the boxing game and other light exercise also eating cleaner food for a week would make you less bloated.

4. Tanning

This is optional but some people feel more confident with a tan so getting a Fake tan just before you go is a good idea if you have never done it before id recommend a gradual tanner or getting it done professionally.

Just these little steps will help you feel confident before you go on holiday tell me in the comments what you do beauty related before you go on holiday, i hope you found this 1 Week To Holiday Beauty Prep blog post useful. Thanks for reading Xxx

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