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Finding Your Happy Place!

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A couple of days ago i was feeling very depressed and down and no amount of chocolate , ice cream,reading or bubble baths were helping me out of it this is a blog posts for when you’ve hit rock bottom emotionally and you need try  Finding Your Happy Place.

For me personally most of the time it happens for no reason at all something just clicks inside me and i find it very hard to click back also this is when all els fails me

my personal fix is …

Going on a swing! i think its routed in my childhood as when i was younger i loved the swings and still do the feeling of flying through the sky being free is just something that ignites my inner happiness, i find it peaceful and i can block out the world and just be present in the moment ,i find it brings me out of my self and helps me be happy when everything els doesn’t.

Your Happy Place is to your own interpretation i cant tell you what it is or ware but i will give you a few tips.

one of the first things to think about is childhood happiness i find this one of the purest times when being happy with climbing a tree, running in long grass or just being with family was good enough instead of iPhones or iPads i think this is a great place to start trying to find your happy place as when you were young everyone was so much more care free and innocent so think back to your childhood and try to find that thing that made you feel happy.

Being with nature is also a grate way to find your Happy Place to block out all the man made sounds and sights and just be with nature i find this very calming and makes it easier to be with yourself instead of thinking of 20 different things distracting you from fixing what is wrong with you.

This one isn’t for everyone but having some distraction from your self and getting into a good book to really lose yourself in it and when your back being able to understand or fix what is wrong i think a good thing to start is a childhood book to bring yourself back to that innocent Happiness that we have as children .

For the more physical person doing something like yoga building up a sweat and drowning out all the voices in your head that tell you what you have to do next week or that you feel sad to get all that out and feel that peacefulness that you get when you finish a workout and you cant even remember your name.

I hope this Finding Your Happy Place blog post helpfull, tell me in the comments your Happy Place and what you do to bring yourself out of a dark mood thank you for reading!!!

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