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Do you think these women are beautiful? I certainly do but do you notice anything in particular?  All these women look mothing like one another! But you still compare yourself to them , why isn’t my hair lighter? Darker? Straighter? Curler? Why aren’t my eyes blue? Brown? Green? Grey? I do this all the time wondering why I can’t look like someone else until I remember that no one looks exactly like these women and  nether does anyone else look exactly like you! There uniqueness makes them beautiful yet completely different , so don’t waste your time trying to look like someone else as you never truly will . It’s fine to copy there hairstyle , makeup or clothes but remember to add your own touch to things just takeinspiration from these stunning women. If  you have found that you have thought this way at some point  like so people know there not alone and its quite natural to want to look like someone els but problebly even these beautiful women once wanted to look like someone els or tried to emulate someone they thought was beautiful. Thanks for reading Xxx 

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