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I know that basically everyone has heard about this product but for anyone who still doesn’t know about it here is a full review of this all neutral nontoxic mask!

First of all, it’s easy to get hold of, simply buy it from Amazon for £14 and you get 1lb that will last you for a very long time so it’s really not that expensive.

But you do also need to buy some apple cider vinegar with the mother but this is also easily purchased at Amazon for £14

The last thing you may need to buy is a small plastic bowl and some measuring spoons I got mine from Amazon but it took weeks to get here so it wasn’t really worth it, so try and buy this somewhere else.

Now onto the fun stuff mixing it all together! This all depends on your desired consistency I personally like it smooth and thin so I put one and a half of the small spoon( 2.5) than two of the medium spoon of apple cider vinegar (5) mix it all together then you’re done! You have your very own fresh face mask.

Don’t forget to do a patch test before slathering it all over your face as you don’t want to have a bad reaction.

Depending on your skin’s sensitivity you can leave it on up to 20 minutes no longer as this is a very powerful mask and you actually feel it pulsating on your face if you have very sensitive skin just use it for 10 minutes.


Now on to the most important question does it work? YES, it works brilliantly at bringing things to the surface if there is any build up of dirt, makeup or spots deep in your skin it will find it and bring it to the surface to be treated. Its also amazing for blackheads at it is the only mask I’ve ever found to really pull them out of my skin.

Taking off the mask is actually quite easy if you wet it first then slide it off with a hot wet flannel don’t go scrubbing at your skin this will make it your skin redder then it already is, my skin is slightly red for about 15 minutes after this mask so I would recommend using it at night, also the next day you might be quite spotty as it has pulled everything to the surface so don’t use this the day before a big event but maybe a week or so before

Overall this is a FANTASTIC face mask and well worth the 14 pounds please remember to do a patch test before trying this mask as it is very potent! Have you tried this mask? Please tell me in the comments. Thanks for reading Xxx

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