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I bought this in a Boots Haul a while ago and it was one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time! im not going to lie it’s a expensive product for what i use it for but believe me when i say it worth it! I’ve wanted to get my hands on this product for years but couldn’t justify the price tag especially because i only use it as one thing … a lip balm! , i know what you thinking you can pick up a lip balm for a £1 but they have never worked for me and I’ve tried a lot of them. 

My lips has always been dry , cracked  and all round horrible so i looked up reviews online about good lip balms and one kept coming up ElizabethArden Eight Hour Cream but then i looked at the price and was like … NO WAY am i paying that much for a lip balm so i tryed out everthing else and i think I tried every lip balm on the planet including Burts Bees lip balm , Nivea , Carmex and meny others but thay all didnt work so i bite the bullet and bought the £26 product and hoped it would work and luckily my prayers were answered it works brilliantly.

When i first used this product the first thing I noticed was that it was a very thick consistincy like honey but not as sticky and the smell is very strong if your not a fan of strong smelling products you wont like this, it reminded me of a smell of a Spa  its not the worst smell in the world but its not overly pleasant , on your lips it feels slightly thicker then a normal consistency of a lip balm but not uncomfortable  I’d  recommend you use it at night rather then in the morning as it sinks in slowly but it does have a lovely glossy finish to your lips and when it says it lasts 8 hours I’d  say it lasts longer if i use it at night once it will keep my lips nice for that day and the one after !!! 

if you have dry lips and you’ve  tried cheper alternatives id say definitely go and buy this product it expensive but i think it will last you a long time and it actually works unlike everything else !!!! 

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