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7 Thing You Can Use Green Tea For


Follow me: 7 thing you can use green tea for     Exfoliated Mask – You can simply cut open the bags after they’ve cooled down and rub them on your face but i prefer to use it with yogurt.   A small pot of Yogurt mixed with 3 lots of green tea from a […]

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Bourjois City Radiance Foundation Review


Follow me: Bourjois City Radiance Foundation Review Hello everyone and this is my review of the Bourjois City Radiance Foundation. Packaging – The packaging is so girly which is a bit of a risk in my opinion as not everyone is super girly but it works for this product , its very sleek and chic […]

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Celebrity Airport Style


Follow me: Celebrity Airport Style This may be weird but I’m obsessed with celebrity airport style i think its amazing that after hours of flying in air that are full of germs and recycled air and yet they still look amazing !!! … thought its probably nicer flying first class ???? The first gal who […]

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DIY Lip Scrub ( Simple and Easy )


Follow me: DIY Lip Scrub ( Simple and Easy ) Ive been looking for a lip scrub for ages and was about to buy one from Lush when i thought … I can just make one !!! I didn’t want to do anything fancy or difficult so i made it super simple. You Will Need […]

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Revolution Salvation Velvet Lacquer Review


Follow me: Revolution Salvation Velvet Lacquer Review Ive recently got my braces taken off and wanted to celebrate with buying some bright bold lipsticks but as I’m so lazy i went looking for a liquid lipstick. So of course i went to Boots and Superdrug and started digging around picking up bits and bobs until […]

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Lazy Skincare !!!


Follow me: Lazy Skincare !!! To say that i keep to my daily skincare routine is a complete lie when I’m feeling SUPER LAZY i just use these two products Taking off your makeup is really Important and you should do it everyday without fail even when your feeling really lazy but i get that […]

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5 Accessories You Need In Your Life


Follow me: 5 Accessories You Need In Your Life You don’t need loads of accessories but i would recommend some staples that can change an ordinary look.   These thing are my personal picks  everyone is different but these thing in my opinion is a must have. Floppy Hat – I think this is a […]

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Im On YouTube !!!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 10.40.33

Follow me: Im On YouTube !!!! Hello Everyone i made a decision the other day to start a YouTube channel , it was terrifying actually scheduling my first video and realising people will actually see me not just my words. Don’t worry i will still be doing blog posts because there is no way i […]

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My Braces Journey !!!


Follow me: My Braces journey ! So yesterday i got my braces taken off and i was really scared but excited and i thought how so many people are going to have braces in there life so i thought i should tell you my experience. Preparing~ When you first go in they don’t just whack […]

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Skincare For Teenagers


Follow me: Skincare For Teenagers My mother has always told me the best way to prevent ageing is to start a good skincare young and i would have to agree. When i first started wearing makeup  a little blush and mascara i didn’t even think about washing it off and as i grew into my […]

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